Unit 1 Wise men in history(1)


★ 必记单词

golden adj. 金的;金色的 Olympics n. [pl.]奥运会

agreement n. 同意;应允 pot n. 罐

doubt v. 不能肯定;对……没把握 real adj. 真的;正宗的

truth n. 真相;实情 seem v. 好像;似乎

solve v. 解决;处理 fill v. 装满;注满

bowl n. 碗;盆 brave adj. 勇敢的;无畏的

metal n. 金属 certain adj. 确定的;肯定的

prison n. 监狱;牢狱 hit v. (hit,hit)(用手或器具)击;打

correct adj. 准确无误的;正确的 mistake n. 错误

less det.(与不可数名词连用)较少的;更少的

★ 常考短语

in ancient Greece 在古希腊

(be) happy with (对某人或事物)满意的 = be pleased/satisfied with

fill…with… 用……把……装满 think about = consider 考虑;思考

be filled with=be full of 充满;装满 run over 溢出

ask sb for sth 向某人要某物 one…the other… 一个……另一个……

send sb to prison 把某人关进监狱 tell the truth 说实话

make sure 确保;设法保证 something else 别的东西

both…and… ……和……都……

be made of +看得见的原材料 由……制成

be made from +看不见的原材料 由……制成

be made by + sb. 被某人制成

★ 课文解析

1. At first, he was very happy with it.

(1) at first "起初"

辨析:at first与first of all

At first I didn't want to go,but I soon changed my mind.


First of all,open the windows,then turn off the gas,and if necessary,call an ambulance.


(2) be happy with sb./sth 意为“对某人或事物满意的”,

=be pleased/satisfied with sb./sth

His teacher is happy with him. 他的老师对他很满意。

She is happy with what I've done. 她对我做的很满意。

2. Later, however, he began to doubt that it was a real golden crown.

(1) however"然而"




It's raining hard,however,they're still working in the field.




I'd like to go swimming with you,but I have to tidy the garden now.


(2) begin to do sth.意为“开始做某事”,同义词组为begin doing sth.。

When can I begin to work? 我什么时候能开始工作呢?

When I got there,the singer had already begun singing.


(3) doubt此处用作及物动词,意为“不能肯定,对……无把握”。

He doubts the truth of the news. 他怀疑那件新闻的真实性。

I don't doubt that she'll come. 她一定来,我不怀疑。


She doubts about everything. 她对一切都怀疑。

He doubts of his success. 他怀疑他能否成功。


I doubt if/whether she will keep her word. 我怀疑她是否会遵守诺言。

I don't doubt that we will win. 我们会获胜是没有疑问的。

(4) real形容词,意为“真的,正宗的”,其副词形式为really。

This is a real dog,not a toy. 那是一条真正的狗,不是玩具狗。


3. “Is it made completely of gold?”he wondered.

be made of "由……制成"。

辨析:be made of与 be made from


Books are made paper while paper is mainly made wood.

A. of;of B. from;from C. of;from D. from;of

4.“This problem seems difficult to solve. What should I do?”thought Archimedes.


常见,可以和seem to be相互转换。

He seems very angry. = He seems to be very angry. 他好像非常生气。

用作实意动词,可接to do sth

He seems to sing. 他似乎在唱歌。

5. Archimedes was still thinking about this problem as he filled his bath with water.

fill…with… 意为“用……把……装满”,其被动语态形式为be filled with,相当于

be full of

6. …so I'm certain that it's not completely made of gold.



①be certain+从句 一定……

I'm not certain where he lives. 我不敢肯定他住在哪儿。

②be certain to do sth. 肯定要做某事

He is certain to finish the task on time. 他肯定会按时完成任务。

③be certain of/about sth. 对……确信,有把握

We're certain of success. 我们有把握成功。

④be certain of doing sth. 有把握做某事

He is certain of winning the match. 他确信能赢这场比赛。

7. What's wrong with it?

What's wrong (with sb. /sth)?是用来询问“某人发生了什么事情或某物出了什么

毛病/故障”等最常用的句型之一。其同义句型为:What's the matte/trouble with...?

What's wrong with you? 你怎么了(出什么事了)?

8. That's why I'm angry.

That's why... 意为“那就是……的原因”,why引导的是表语从句,用陈述语序。


The alarm clock didn't go off. That's why he was late for school.


9. How did Archimedes discover the truth?



Recently they discovered gold. 最近他们发现了黄金。

Edison invented the electric light bulb. 爱迪生发明了电灯泡。

10. However,Helen,a brave woman,wanted to watch her son run.

watch sb. do sth 意为“看某人做了某事或经常做某事”,表示看见动作发生、进行


I watched her go out of the room just now. 刚才我看到她从房间里出来了。

【拓展】和watch用法相同的动词(组)还有see, hear, make, feel, notice, look at 等。

Did you hear Jack call you? 你听见杰克叫你了吗?(动作结束)

We often hear the girl sing English songs. 我们经常挺大了那个女孩唱英文歌曲。(动作经常发生)

I heard the song wind blowing when it was raining heavily. 下大雨的时候我听见狂风呼啸。(动作正在进行)

11. When you have written something, you should check your work to make sure the

spelling, grammar and punctuation are all correct.

(1) make sure意为“确保,设法保证”,后可接宾语从句或of短语。

Make sure that they know nothing about our plan. 绝对不能让他们知道我们的计划。

They scored another goal and make sure of victory. 他们又进了一个球,这就赢定了。

(2) correct 此处用作形容词(=right),意为“正确的”,其副词为correctly(正确地)。

【拓展】correct用作动词,意为“改正;纠正” correct the mistakes 改正错误

12. …write what kind of mistake it is…

mistake 用作可数名词,意为“错误”,常用短语:make a mistake /mistakes 犯错;

by mistake 错误地

You've made several grammatical mistakes in the composition. 你在作文中犯了几处语法错误。

I got on the wrong bus by mistake. 我搭错了公共汽车。

【拓展】mistake还可用作动词,意为“弄错,搞错”。常用短语:mistake … for …


She didn't speak very clearly, so I mistook what she said. 她说话不是很清楚,所以我误解了她的意思。

He is often mistaken for a famous actor. 他常常被误认为是个名演员。

13. However, no one could find a scale large enough.

①enough此处用作副词,意为“足够地”,修饰形容词或副词时,要放在其后。 He runs quickly enough. 他跑得足够快。

It's warm enough in the room. 屋子里够暖和了。

②enough后常接(for+名词/代词+)to do sth.,意为“…足够…做某事”。

The box is light enough for the boy to carry. 这个箱子足够轻,这个男孩能搬动。



1.be happy with

3. send … to prison

5. be made of




【 】1、 The bottle is_filled_with oil,so please be careful.

A、is fulled with A、cheats A、is made up of A、feel sure A、write down B、is full of B、beats B、is connected to B、know C、is fulled with C、tricks C、is covered with C、am not sure D、is fulled of D、Forgives D、is located in D、make no sure D、speak 【 】2、Lucy often fools her younger brother,which makes her parents angry. 【 】3、It is said that his new book consists_of nine chapters. 【 】4、He always cheats her. I doubt whether he will marry her. 【 】5、This problem is too difficult for me to solve. B、find the correct answer C、understand


1、 However, he began to d_________ that it was a real golden crown.

2、She desires the g_________ ring for herself.

3、I am c_________ that it's not completely made of gold.

4、No one knew which woman was telling the t_________.

5、I'm quite in _________ (同意) with your decision.

6、The police sent him to _________ (监狱).

7、He is weak in grammar, and often makes m_________.

8、I can't s_________ the problem alone. Can you help me?

9、Is this _________ (真的) gold?

2. fill…with… 4. be certain 6. 溢出 8.解决问题 10.一顶金皇冠