1. 一些令人愉快的事something pleasant 40. 创造一种新型音乐create a new type of music

2. 举办一个艺术节have an art festival 41. 被选择去做某事be chosen to do sth.

3. 了解许多有关艺术的知识learn a lot about art 42. 高度评价他的音乐think highly of his music

4. 艺术形式art form 43. 决定在艺术节拉小提琴decide to play the violin at

the art festival 5. 观看戏剧watch the drama

6. 喜欢绘画like painting 44. 在歌舞秀at the song and dance show

7. 喜爱摄影enjoy photography 45. 这些天刻苦练习practise hard these days

8. 更喜欢流行音乐prefer pop music 46. 设计海报design the posters

9. 流行音乐之王the King of Pop 47. 喜爱拍照love taking photos

10. 他的音乐才能his musical talent 48. 一场学生艺术秀a students’ art show

11. 一头令人吃惊的动物an amazing animal 49. 对所有学生及家长开放be open to all students and

parents 12. 看音乐杂志read music magazines

13. 给获胜者颁发奖牌present a medal to a winner 50. 给我们免费的戏剧票give us free tickets to an opera

14. 颁奖音乐the award music 51. 了解更多不同的艺术形式learn more about

different art forms 15. 一位世界著名的作曲家a world-famous composer

16. 对音乐感兴趣show an interest in music 52. 计划乘坐地铁plan to take the underground

17. 喜爱淙淙的流水声love the sounds of the rushing 53. 去剧院go to the theatre

water 54. 买些饮料buy some drinks

18. 用普通的东西创作音乐make music with common 55. 过了一会儿after a while

objects 56. 看到她正朝我们跑来see her running towards us

19. 因---而著名be known/famous for 57. 交通堵塞too much traffic

20. 通过控制水的流速by controlling the speed of water 58. 气喘吁吁out of breath

flow 59. 匆忙进入剧院hurry into the theatre

21. 不同的心境创造不同的景象create different 60. 不同种类的音乐different kinds of music

pictures in different minds 61. 弹吉他play the guitar

22. 帮助东西方文化搭建一座桥梁help build a bridge 62. 持续一个半小时last for one and a half hours

between the East and the West 63. 乡村音乐country music

23. 成功地将东西方音乐结合在一起successfully 64. 有永久性的价值have a lasting value

bring Chinese and Western music together 65. 对某人有价值be of value to sb. = be valuable to sb.

24. 传统的中国音乐traditional Chinese music 66. 起初由美国黑人创建be first created by African

Americans 25. 在他的作品中in his works

26. 过去和现在the past and the present 67. 许多音乐家many musicians

27. 平常的物品和乐器common objects and musical 68. 创作音乐make up music

instruments 69. 以传统形式in the traditional style

28. 传统的中国音乐和现代的西方音乐traditional 70. 有强烈的地方色彩have strong local colour

Chinese music and modern Western music 71. 参加所有的音乐会attend all the concerts

29. 混在一起mix together 72. 一场古典音乐会a classical music concert

30. 结合成新的类型make a new type 73. 举行,发生be held = take place

31. 一条分界线a dividing line 74. 在剧院门口at the gate of the theatre

32. 以你想要的方式工作work in the way you want 75. 对---有天赋have a gift for

33. 在区域中心in the centre of an area 76. 用水把颜料混在一起mix the paint with water

34. 在一所大学学习音乐study music at a university 77. 把一些颜料滴在纸上drop some paint onto the

paper 35. 赢得奥斯卡音乐奖win an Oscar for the music

36. 最伟大的作曲家之一one of the greatest composers 78. 朝四面八方跑动/流淌run in all directions

37. 影响他的作品influence his works 79. 来到我的课桌旁come by my desk

38. 在他的一部作品中in one of his works 80. 鼓励我继续尝试encourage me to keep trying

39. (Grammar) 使我感到放松make me feel relaxed


1. 因为我已经找到比艺术更令人愉快的事情了。Because I’ve found something more pleasant than art.

2. 你最喜欢哪种形式的音乐?What kind of music do you like best?

3. 你最喜欢的歌手是谁?Who’s your favourite singer? = Which singer do you like best?

4. 在2008年北京奥运会上,每当给获胜者颁发奖牌时,颁奖音乐就会响起。Each time a medal was presented to

a winner at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the award music was played.

5. 音乐是由谭盾所写。The music was written by Tan Dun.

6. 谭盾1958年出生于中国湖南省的中部地区,他是在浏阳河边长大的。Born in 1958 in central Hunan, China, Tan

Dun grew up near the Liuyang River.

7. 他喜欢淙淙的水声和飒飒的风声,因为对他来说,最美妙的音乐来自于大自然。He loves the sounds of the

rushing water and the blowing wind because, to him, the best music comes from nature.

8. 当谭盾很年轻的时候,就对音乐很感兴趣。When he was very young, Tan showed an interest in music.

9. 因为当时没有任何乐器,他就用普通的东西来创作音乐,比如石头和纸。Since he had no musical instruments

then, he made music with common objects like stones and paper.

10. 八年后,他继续去美国学习。Eight years later, he went on to study in the USA.

11. 在那儿他渐渐认识了世界各地伟大的音乐家。There he got to know great musicians from around the world.

12. 作为一位作曲家,也许是因为电影《卧虎藏龙》中的音乐使他赢得奥斯卡大奖而令他声名大振。As a composer,

perhaps he is best known for winning an Oscar for his music in the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

13. 因为喜欢天籁之音,谭盾多次将其运用于他的音乐中。As he likes the sounds of nature, Tan uses them a lot in his


14. 相反地,谭盾通过控制水的流速来制造出超过50种不同的声音。Instead, Tan makes over 50 sounds from water

by controlling the speed of water flow.

15. 北京奥林匹克运动会上运用了传统的中国音乐和一种中国古代的钟声,尽管它是以一种西方的形式呈现出

来的。The music for the Beijing Olympics uses traditional Chinese music and the sounds of an ancient Chinese bell, though it is in a Western style.

16. 我的音乐就是梦想无边。My music is to dream without boundaries.

17. 在阳光中学将举办一次艺术节。There is going to be an art festival at Sunshine Middle School.

18. 我们到达时,凯迪已经到那儿了。When we arrived, Kitty had already been there.

19. 由于戏剧20分钟后开演,我们最好快点。We’d better be quick as the opera will begin in 20 minutes.

20. 这场戏剧表演持续了一个半小时。The opera lasted for one and a half hours.

21. 你今天晚上想去参加一场音乐会吗,贾尼斯?Would you like to go to a concert tonight, Janice?

22. 我所有的老师和同学都赞扬我为艺术节做的设计。All my teachers and classmates praised my designs for the art


23. 你觉得这个艺术形式怎么样?What do you think of this art form? = How do you like this art form?

24. 他们认为我有绘画的天赋。They think I have a real gift for painting.

25. 看着这块水彩印,我决定吹一吹。Looking at the mark, I decided to blow it.

26. 她鼓励我继续尝试并且创作出更多精彩的画。She encouraged me to keep trying and make more wonderful


27. 后来我的确创造出一些精彩的画。I did make some wonderful pictures later.

28. 她英语确实说得非常好。She does speak English very well.