武汉理工大二英语A班翻译班平时作业 综合 


武汉理工大二英语A班翻译班平时作业 综合 

1. Microprocessors monitor tyre wear and brake power on cars. 微电脑监控着轮胎的耐用性和制动系统。

2.This university embraces all the arts and sciences.


3.Pushing or pulling, however, does not necessarily mean doing work. 推或者拉,不一定做功。

4.There was a car accident on the highway, and three people were killed. 在公路上发生的汽车意外造成了三人死亡。

5.The justices dismissed all the charges against Mr.Smith out of hand.


6.In human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks and a number of other conditions may be present and common, affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of adhesion.


7. Every life has its roses and thorns. 人生有苦也有乐。

8. Your name is well-known here.


9. Mr. Robert is an ambitious and aggressive young man.

Robert 先生是一位有雄心壮志和目标明确的年轻人。

10.What they are discussing is about the future of the bad guy in the play.


1. Asia's strength of economic management, however, has not been its perfection, but its

pragmatism and flexibility. 亚洲的经济管理向来不以完美见长,而是以务实和弹性取胜。 2. She was more royal than the royals.


3. Better be wise by the defeat of others than by your own. 从他人的挫折中吸取教训胜过从你自己失败中吸取教训。

4. Ignorance is the mother of fear as well as of admiration.

无知是无端恐惧的根源,也是盲目崇拜的根源。 5. The thesis summed up the new achievements made in electronic computers, artificial satellites

and rockets. 这篇毕业论文总结了在电子计算机,人造卫星,火箭等方面的新成果。

6. When the students finished all the books they had brought, they opened the lunch and ate it. 学生们看完了随声携带的书,就打开盒饭吃起来。

7. Like charges repel each other while opposite charges attract.


8. The density of air varies directly as pressure, with temperature being constant. 当温度恒定的情况下,空气密度与压强正相关。 9. Smoking is not allowed in the store-house.


10. Technology is the application of scientific methods and knowledge to industry to satisfy

our material needs and wants.


1. This watch never varies more than a second in a month.


2. A well-dressed man, who looked and talked like an American, got into the car. 一个穿着考究,言行举止像极了美国人的男人上了那辆车。

2. The sight and sound of our jet planes filled me with special longing.


6. In North American, getting drunk and losing control of oneself is often seen as shameful. 在北美,醉酒并且失去自控力是为人所齿的。

5. Securities laws require companies to treat all shareholders reasonably equally. 证券法规定公司应该合理平等对待所有的股东。

6.Time Warner will pay TCI 360 million for Southern Satellite Company.


7. In both Japan and North American, people have very different ideas about the meaning of space and silence, and this is seen by the way we live, work and communicate. 在日本和北美,人们对空间和宁静的概念有着完全不同的理解,这从人们日常生活,工作,交流中就看得出来。 8.Doctors confront such choices often and urgently. At times, they see important reasons to lie for the patient's sake; in their eyes, such lies differ sharply from self-serving ones.医生时常会急迫地面对诸多选择。有时候,他们因为某些重要的原因而对病人的病情状况撒谎,在他们的眼中,这样的谎言与自私自利的截然不同。

1. Don’t draw your conclusion before the end of the year.


2. Hitler’s undisguised effort to persecute the Jews met with worldwide condemnation. 没有人不谴责希特勒赤裸裸的迫害犹太人的行为。

3. The research group lost no time in carrying out their new plan. 调查小组急于执行他们的新计划。 4. Adults only. 未成年禁止入内。 5. Keep Upright.不要倾斜/请勿倒置。 6. Agreeable Sweetness.甜而不腻。

7. A frost-free refrigerator. 无霜冰箱。 8. Wet paint.油漆未干

9. Urban clearway.禁止停车

10. Inflammables– keep away from fire.是易燃物远离明火。 11. I dare him to jump. 我量他也不敢跳 12. You are telling me! 这还用说? 13. Keep it dark!这是可别说出去。

14. She bears her age well.她一点也不显老。 15. For all I care. 与我无关。

16. It’s anyone’s guess. 谁也说不准。 17. Your question beats me.我答不上来。

18. Catch me making the same error again. 我不会再犯同样的错误。 19. There will be a hell to pay.后果不堪设想。

20. She is the last person I want to sit next to at dinner.


1. Why Taste is all in the senses

Not everyone experiences the taste of food in the same way. While some of us reach for a strong coffee in the morning, others recoil. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts may be high on some people’s

list of favorite Christmas vegetables--but certainly not on everyone’s.


The reason why we all react differently to food is not subjective, scientists say. Instead, it is partly genetic and that knowledge is helping them to understand how we use our senses to process flavor.


If you screw your face up at the taste of a lemon and cannot bear sprouts then it is probably because you are a “super taster”, along with 25% of the UK population. This means you have twice as many taste buds on your tongue as the rest of us--something which makes you particularly sensitive to bitter tastes.


But now scientists have discovered the existence of “thermal tasters”. These are people whose taste buds react to the temperature of the food on their tongue. For example, an ice cube will taste salty or sour while anything hot will taste sweet.


2. Let Food be Thy Medicine

A large part of Chinese culture revolves around food. This holds true for daily greetings (“Have you eaten?”), ritual banquets at festivals, large or small, and special dishes for any occasion, happy or sad.

Chinese culinary practices were elevated to an art form long before some other civilizations even started using fire. Food for the Chinese is both maintenance and celebration.

It’s not just food. Every bite and every sip is beneficial to the body, maintaining a delicate yin-and-yang balance.

When the qi (energy) is weak, tonics are drunk to boost energy. When the qi is overly strong, gentle infusions will quickly soothe.

Yin and yang govern not only Chinese philosophy but also an entire way of life, with the best balance manifested in the Middle Path, a concept preached by both Buddhism in its Zen and non-Zen forms.

It’s applied to all aspects of life, but nowhere else is it more apparent than in daily Chinese gastronomic practice.


中国书法是一门艺术。它通过毛笔尖的速度和压力的变化,将中国的方块文字转化成具有表现力的图画。 Chinese calligraphy is a kind of art, which transfer Chinese characters into expressive pictures through change of velocity and pressure of brush. 中国书法更多强调个人情感的表达。

What it emphasize is personal emotion expression.

对艺术家,书法是一种精神锻炼,这种锻炼将心灵和身体协调好,以便可以选择最佳的造型来表达文字的内涵。 To artist, it’s spiritual practice which coordinate soul and body to choose the best model to express the meaning of word.


Chinese penmanship had been thought as the highest visual art of China. It’s writing rules have even set a standard to judgement of Chinese painting.

China's Vulgar Rich: Befriended But Unloved

They have been mentioned more than 56 million times on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter. Everyone

wants to be their friend, but no one likes them. They seem to be everywhere, throwing around their newly minted renminbi(崭新的人名币) and well-used(用旧的,刷爆的)UnionPay(中国银联) debit cards; yet they are elusive and shun the media.

Their love for bling(锦衣珠宝) has become the backbone(支柱) of the global luxury goods(奢侈品) industry, yet they are also the subject of disdain(鄙视), the butt of jokes(笑柄), the punching bag for that which is offensive(无礼的,讨厌的) to good taste.

They are the tuhao--tu means dirt or uncouth(粗野的); has means splendor--and they are the Beverly Hillbillies(贝弗利闪人,豪门新人类) of China. or something like that: A crowd-sourced(来自群众的) translation call on China's social media yielded \暴发户), \millionaire\贫民窟里的百万富翁), the \中国富豪) and \豪门新人类).

Chinese Calligraphy as an Art 作为艺术的中国书法

Chinese script is regarded as one of the oldest written languages in the world, together

with hieroglyph(象形文字) in ancient Egypt, cuneiform(楔形文字) characters in ancient Mesopotamia(美索不达米亚) and ancient Mayan(玛雅人的) characters in Central American. 汉字与古埃及的象形文字,古美索不达米亚平原的楔形文字及中美洲的古玛雅人的文字一起被认为是世界上最古老的文字。 However only Chinese scripts have survived historical vicissitude(变迁) and continue to be used today.然而,只有汉字才历经沧桑巨变传承至今。

Moreover, Chinese calligraphy, an art based on Chinese scripts, has been created over the sweep of history and constitutes a key part of Chinese culture.


Over hundreds of years, varieties of Chinese calligraphy have been developed, including

seal-script(篆书), official-script(隶书), regular-script(楷书), running-script(行书), and cursive-script(草书), and diverse schools formed which reflect in some sense political, economic and cultural traits of Chinese society.


Inscriptions on turtle shells show serenity(宁静) of primitive times while seal characters

carved on bronze wares reflect mystery of slavers.甲骨文展示的是原始社会的静谧,金文揭示了奴隶社会的神秘。

Seal-script standardized by the First Emperor demonstrate dignity of China’s first feudal(封建的) dynasty while calligraphers in the Southern and Northern dynasties created works of detached(超然的) charm.

秦始皇统一中国,规范了文字,篆书彰显了中国第一个封建王朝的威严。南北朝时期的书法家则追求超凡脱俗之美。 Official and regular scripts invented in the heydays(全盛期) of the Han and Tang Dynasties

represent the peak of Chinese calligraphic art while calligraphers of the Song Dynasty, after decades of scourges of wars, pursued a freehand, natural style. 汉唐的全盛时期创立的隶书和楷书代表了中国书法的最高成就。而到了宋代,经历了几十年的战乱之后,书法家们更加崇尚自由自然的风格。 Outstanding calligraphic in the Yuan Dynasty were few, due to an ethnic(民族的) prejudice policy of Mongolian rulers.


During the middle and late years of the Ming Dynasty the burgeoning(萌芽) of capitalism brought about liberation of humanity and thus calligraphic works in this period featured a liberal style.明朝中后期,资本主义萌芽解放了人性,因此,这一时期的书法作品风格自由多变。

However, rulers of the ensuing Qing Dynasty exercised a suppressive(镇压的) policy on scholars, making a great number of educated Chinese indulged in epigraphy(碑文). And imperial aggression and weakness of the late Qing Dynasty inspired Chinese scholars’ strong desire to empower the nation which led to revival of vigorous seal and official scripts.然而,随后的清朝统治者大兴文字狱,导致大批文人致力于碑文篆刻。晚清时期,帝国主义的入侵和清政府的软弱激发了有识之士振兴民族的强烈欲望,篆书和隶书得以复兴,蓬勃发展。

Chinese calligraphy is called “dance on paper” or the souls of Chinese design art. Every

calligrapher and calligraphy lover can freely express his feeling or sets free his imagination. 中国书法被誉为“纸上的舞蹈”,或中国设计艺术之魂。书法家和书法爱好者都可以自由的表达情感,放飞想象。 Chairman Mao demonstrated his unique sentiments as a great leader whenever in warring period or in peaceful time. While ordinary people showed their vigorous vitality and healthy aesthetic tastes in their calligraphic works.作为伟大领袖毛主席,无论在战争年代还是和平时期都挥毫作书抒发情感,普通民众也以书法作品表达燃烧的生命激情与健康的审美情趣。

The shadow play is an indigenous form of drama in China. In the 13th century it was introduced into West Asia, and by the 18th century it had spread to other parts of the world. Famed German poet Goethe praised it, and the great 20th century artist Charlie Chaplin was inspired by it when he made his legendary silent films.

The shadow play is in fact the world’s earliest “movie art” with the accompaniment of human voice. It first appeared more than 2,000 years ago, and by the Song Dynasty this art had become highly developed with its main artistic form already established. At the time, traditional Chinese drama had not yet developed, but shadow play could already reproduce the entire lengthy story of the Three Kingdoms, it was performed in many cities and became important entertainment at festivals. It is still popular today, and its historical success has given enlightenment to the development of the modern movie.

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