1、The police were given an order that the stolen documents must be recovered at all _____.

A. accounts

B. conditions

C. payments

D. costs

2、Thank you for applying for a position with our firm. We do not have any openings at this time, but we shall keep your application on _______ for two months.

A. pile

B. fill

C. pill

D. file

3、I saw a ______ good film on TV last night.

A. fair

B. pretty

C. handsome

D. pleasing

4、I gave John a present but he gave me nothing _____.

A. in return

B. in turn

C. in advance

D. in vain

5、This new instrument is far superior _____ the old one we bought three years ago.

A. than

B. to

C. over

D. of

6、 Nowadays advertising costs are no longer in reasonable _______ to the total cost of the product.

A. proportion

B. correlation

C. connection

D. correspondence

7、Mr. Wilson said that he did not want to _______ any further responsibilities.

A. take on

B. get on

C. put up

D. look up

8、It is not that I do not like plays. The reason why I did not go to the theater last night was that I could not ________ the time.

A. offer

B. leave

C. afford

D. manage

9、Since it is such a sunny day, we might _______ to the suburb for a picnic.

A. as well as go

B. as well as to go

C. as well go

D. as well to go

10、I can _______ some noise while I'm studying, but I can't stand loud noises.

A. come up with

B. catch up with

C. put up with

D. keep up with

11、Everyone in street must ______traffic rules.

A. observe

B. serve

C. accept

D. watch

12、It was difficult to guess what her _______ to the news would be.

A. reaction

B. impression

C. comment

D. opinion

13、In Britain, the best season of the year is probably _____ spring.

A. later

B. last

C. latter

D. late

14、I _______ with thanks the help of my colleagues in the preparation of this new column.

A. express

B. confess

C. clarify

D. acknowledge

15、I _______ them to go by train, but they went by bus after all.

A. proposed

B. mentioned

C. suggested

D. advised

16、I _______ this book in a secondhand bookstore on Nanjing Road.

A. came into

B. came for

C. came out

D. came across

17、This hotel _______ $60 for a single room with bath.

A. claims

B. demands

C. prices

D. charges

18、It's _______ my power to make final decision on the matter.

A. off

B. outside

C. above

D. beyond

19、It's hard work. I enjoy it,_______.

A. though

B. although

C. but

D. that

20、I _______ an old schoolmate of mine in the street.

A. ran for

B. ran into

C. ran out

D. ran down

21、I like the material. It _________ very soft.

A. is feeling

B. felt

C. feels

D. is felt

22、She _________ China before she _________ last October.

A. has not visited; comes

B. did not visit; came

C. does not visit; comes

D. had not visited; came

23、It is said that a new robot ____ by him in a few days.

A. designed

B. has been designed

C. will be designed

D. will have been designed

24、________ an honest man, he never tells a lie.

A. Being

B. Be

C. Since

D. To be

25、As we approached the work site, we saw the workers ____the new house.

A. building

B. build

C. built

D. to build

26、When I returned home, I found the window open and something ________.

A. to steal

B. stealing

C. stolen

D. steal

27、—“Did you enjoy the movie?”

—“No, it was ________.”

A. very boring

B. very bored

C. such boring

D. much bored

28、Weather _________, the picnic will be held as scheduled.

A. permits

B. should permit

C. will permit

D. permitting

29、I appreciate _______ to your home.

A. to be invited

B. to have invited

C. being invited

D. having invited

30、The guard at the gate insisted that everybody ___________the rules.

A. obeys

B. obey

C. will obey

D. would obey

31、Can you imagine what the world would be like if _________ no computers?

A. there are

B. there has been

C. there were

D. we have

32、Hurry up! Janet ______ for us at the bus stop.

A. must wait

B. must be waiting

C. can be waited

D. must have waited

33、Neither I nor Kathy ______ fond of classic music.

A. am

B. is

C. are

D. was

34、Mrs. Jones, accompanied by her two daughters, ______.

A. have arrived

B. are arriving

C. had arrived

D. has arrived

35、Only under special circumstances _________ to take make-up tests.

A. are freshmen permitted

B. freshmen are permitted

C. permitted are freshmen

D. are permitted freshmen

36、By no means _______ to our plan for the trip.

A. will she agree

B. she will agree

C. agrees she

D. will agree she

37、Americans eat ________ as they actually need every day.

A. twice as much protein

B. protein twice as much

C. twice protein as much

D. protein as twice much

38、Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, ______ was very reasonable.

A. which price

B. the price of which

C. its price

D. the price of that

39、I don't believe they can bridge the gap, ___?

A. does he

B. can't he

C. doesn't he

D. can they

40、I took _______ for granted that he would believe in us.

A. that

B. the thing

C. it

D. this


Passage 1

Halloween(万圣节前夕) is a holiday widely celebrated with different names in many countries. Although it originated(起源) as a religious holiday, it has lost its religious connections in the United States. It is now celebrated largely as a children's day, and many American children look forward to it for days and weeks beforehand.

The orange pumpkin(南瓜) is harvested at this time of year and is hollowed out, a funny face cut into it, and a candle placed inside as a decoration in the window. City folks, nowadays, sometimes use paper pumpkins for decorations.

Some years ago, the holiday was celebrated by dressing up in strange and frightening costumes and playing tricks on one's neighbors and friends, such as ringing door bells, throwing bits of corn on the window panes, and in other ways making minor disturbances.

More recently, children come to the door to have friends and neighbors admire their costumes and guess who they are

behind the false faces and receive treats of candy, fruit or cookies. They say, “Trick or Treat", meaning, “I will play a trick on you if you do not give me a treat." This practice has even more recently developed into a significant international activity. Instead of or along with candy, the children collect money for UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund). This special collection of money by children for needy children throughout the world is known as “UNICEF Trick or Treat". Begun only recently, it results in several million dollars each year contributed to UNICEF.

41、Halloween originated from _______.

A. a school holiday

B. a funny story

C. a religious day

D. a day for UNICEF

42、How did the children celebrate the Halloween some years ago?

A. They dressed up in the best holiday clothes.

B. They rang bells.

C. They threw stones on the windowpanes.

D. They dressed up strangely and play tricks on others.

43、Which of the following is not used to celebrate Halloween?

A. Paper pumpkins.

B. Candle.

C. Costume.

D. Toy.

44、Why do the children collect money in the Halloween?

A. They love to become rich.

B. They want to get enough money to buy themselves candy.

C. Their parents ask them to do that.

D. They want to help other children.

45、What is the symbol of Halloween?

A. Pumpkin.

B. Fruit.

C. Cookie.

D. Money.

Passage 2

The advantages and disadvantages of a large population have long been a subject of discussion among economists. It has been argued that the supply of good land is limited. To feed a large population, inferior land must be cultivated and the good land worked intensively. Thus, each person produces less and this means a lower average income than could be obtained with a smaller population. Other economists have argued that a large population gives more scope for specialization(分工)and the development of facilities such as ports, roads and railways, which are not likely to be built unless there is a big demand to justify them.

One of the difficulties in carrying out a world-wide birth control program lies in the fact that official attitudes to population growth vary from country to country. That depends on the level of industrial development and the availability of food and raw materials. In the developing country where a vastly expanded population is pressing hard upon the limits of food, space and natural resources, it will be the first concern of government to place a limit on the birthrate. In the highly industrialized society the problem may be more complex. A decreasing birthrate may lead to unemployment because it results in a declining market for manufactured goods. When the pressure of population on housing declines, prices also decline and the building industry is weakened. Faced with considerations such as these, the government of a developed country may well prefer to see a slowly increasing population, rather than one which is stable or in decline.

46、According to the passage, what is true about the advantage of a large population?

A. A large population will provide a chance of making full use of good land.

B. A large population will provide a chance of developing transport system.

C. A large population will provide a chance of developing education system.

D. A large population will provide a chance of developing national economy

47、A small population may lead to _____.