Email Written Summary


Email Written  Summary

Learning from the email writingsubject:

1. First pay more attention to the addressee gender is ’Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ via the email

content stated, and if the first time received to the email and we actually do not know the gender of the addressee. We can use the Sir or Madam to instead of the called. Most of the time the addressee’s name should be given and we shall use the correct called.

2. Second we shall consider the email format:

? As usual the email written format not only just limited to three paragraphs and

the specified situation be considered respectively.

? The good format given us deeply impressions such as choosing the words sizes

and the sentence length as well as the paragraph distance. And I was prefer to using the Malgun Gothic &MalgunSemilight words which is tiny and simple expressively the clearly and specifically stated from your voices.

3. Third the grammar shall be normative and correctness, and any mistakes and

expressly ambiguities will lead to the email looks not professional. Additional, the written grammar is using the passive voice looked more written than spoken. 4. Four the spell mistakes shall be avoided otherwise the addressee will disqualified

your pre-qualified status especially for the official letters. And the best way to use the Word Document automatically check the written spelling mistakes.

5. Five one good signature is more attractive and will increase your email written marks.

And further improve your occupational career.

6. Written the business email is not only limited to acting as a coordinator or contactor

but it is stand for a diploma as official exaggerated speaking. It is an efficient ways to communicate with the others issue our company voice.

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