Module 5 Unit 2 知识点汇集


1. an erupting volcano (P21) 35. on the plane / train 2. natural disasters in the car 3. a business development consultant 36. impress sb. with sth.

(P22-23) impress sth. on sb. consult a lawyer / doctor / dictionary leave / have / make a (an) …

impression on sb. consult with sb. 与某人交换意见

4. follow the usual schedule 37. be in conflict with … 5. open the floor 38. queue up (P32-37) 6. large amounts of 39. provide sth for sb. 7. flow into 40. at the moment 8. lay eggs 41. pike out 9. cut back on 42. draw conclusion 10. recycle waste 43. burn down

recycled things 44. the people living in desert areas 11. be concerned about 45. get into trouble 12. be seen as 46. get sth. repaired 13. pour into 47. make progress in 14. be greedy for 48. so far 15. hide from ones responsibility 49. the third longest river (P38-39)

take responsibility to do / for sth 50. raise concern 16. the people operating these factories 51. the water taken from the river 17. think of … as … 52. the waste being put back into the river 18. raw material 53. rely on sb. for sth. 19. preserve / protect the environment 54. range from … to … 20. cut down range between … and … 21. be willing to do 55. educate sb. on / about sth. 22. harm / damage the environment 56. put … in danger

do harm to / cause damage to… 57. be under way 23. the subject being discussed 58. replace … with … 24. keep in mind 59. nature reserves 25. pump …into … (P25) 60. in / with regard to 26. have a problem with population 61. blame … on … 27. use up 62. let off 28. what if … 63. be in use 29. run out 64. in particular 30. as long as be particular about 31. power the factories (P27-31) 65. last but not least 32. make space for … 66. a sense of satisfaction 33. on / upon the arrival of spring 67. do one’s part to do sth. 34. clean up


1. With me are Ms Lin Shuiqing, … and Mr Qian Liwei, …


2. Other types of waste flow into our water, killing river and sea life. 3. This will result in a smaller number of fish left for us to eat in the future. 4. The world’s population has grown by six times what it was in 1800. 5. When people think of factories, they think of clouds of dirty smoke or of pipes pouring chemical waste into rivers. 6. People often have this belief that development is bad for the environment, but …

7. What I’m here to say is that having worked with many environmental consultants, I know that a healthy environment and development should be possible at the same time.

8. Asking around, I find many people willing to pay a little higher price for things that are friendly to the environment.

9. If you harm the environment, you should have to pay for it to be repaired. 10. There is no debating that we also have a problem with population. 11. I liked it when you told that joke. 12. This is not good news for the people who rely on the Yangtze River for water. Nor is it good news for the wide range of fish and wildlife that live in or along the river.

13.Although we produce carbon when we breathe, the carbon we produce is much less than that produced by car. (that = the carbon) 三、相关话题作文

自哥本哈根气候大会以来,“实行低碳经济”,“过低碳生活”已成为人们关注的热门话题。最近你班就这个话题展开了热烈的讨论。请你根据下表所提供的信息,给21st Century 写篇文章,报道你们班的讨论情况。 温室气体大量排放,污染严重,环境恶化 1.植树造林 2.开发清洁能源和再生性能源 3.回收和利用废弃物 过低碳生活如何“从我做起” (联系自己拟定内容,至少列举两点) 注意: 1.对所给要点,逐一陈述,适当发挥,不要简单翻译。

2.词数150左右。开头已经写好,不计入总词数。 3.文章中不得提及考生所在学校及本人姓名。

Since the Copenhagen Climate Conference, carrying out low carbon common & living a low carbon life has been a hot topic. Recently our class had a heated discussion about it. Through the discussion, we are fully aware of the necessity of carrying out a low carbon economy in our country. Fossil fuels have been mainly used for power for quite a long time, thus producing large quantities of greenhouse gases and causing serious pollution. People have paid more attention to economic growth than the environmental protection. / People have given priority to economic growth over the environmental protection. If the situation continues, China will die of its own development.

During the discussion, my classmates put forward the following suggestions about how to take a green development path. First, more trees should be planted to expand forest coverage. Second, clean energy and renewable energy should be developed. Third, many this that people throw away should be recycled and reused.

We all think it everyone’s duty to live a low carbon life. We should try to save every bit of water and electricity. We should use public transportation as much as possible. Besides, we should call on people around us to make contributions to creating a green homeland.


为什么要“实行低碳经济” 如何走“绿色发展道路”