1.A.leather B.feather C.weather D.whether

2.A.education B.events C.environment D.encourages

3.A.living B.leaving C.keeping D.greeting

4.A.expensive B.expect C.except D.exact

5.A.graduate B.congratulate C.fragile D.frustrate



6.A.It's eight.The meeting will begin an hour later.

B.The meeting will begin before eight.

C.The meeting will begin at half past eight.

D.The meeting will begin after nine.

7.A.Would you mind turning off your radio while I'm reading?

B.Would you please make your radio sound lower while I'm reading?

C.Would you mind taking your radio away when I'm reading?

D.Do you mind putting away your radio when I'm reading?

8.A.Tom has lived in Honolulu since he came to Hawaii four years ago.

B.Tom came from Hawaii four years ago.

C.Tom left Honolulu four years ago.

D.Tom travelled to Honolulu four years ago.

9.A.Mr Green thinks he has seen a good life in the mountain.

B.Mr Green thinks the mountain is the best one he has ever seen in his life.

C.Mr Green thinks he has never seen a beautiful mountain in his life.

D.Mr Green thinks he will see a more beautiful mountain in his life.

10.A.Go to your family,please.See you tom orrow.

B.Give my present to your family,please.

C.Say goodbye to your family,please.

D.Remember me to your family,please.










16.A.Food. B.A table. C.Drink. D.A seat.

17.A.In a bank. B.Near a river. C.In a hospital. D.On the plane.

18.A.She wants to buy a new blouse. B.She wants to change the clothes.

C.She wants to look around in the store.D.She wants to take back the money.

19.A.Just one night.B.Two days.C.One day.D.Half a day.

20.A.News.B.A TV play.C.A talk show.D.Sports.



21.A.Two months later.B.Several weeks ago.

C.A few days before.D.The year before last.

22.A.Because she has no job.B.Because Steve can't cook.

C.Because the house is big enough.D.Because she enjoys living there.

23.A.He doesn't like it.B.He feels worried about it.

C.It's hard work.D.He doesn't work long hours.

24.A.She's working with Steve.B.She likes to keep busy.

C.She couldn't speak a word.D.She's one of Steve's neighbours.

25.A.What's wrong with you?B.Lovely weather,isn't it?

C.Have you eaten yet?D.Do you like your job?

26.A.About Ten.B.About eight.C.Eleven.D.Twelve.

27.A.Before nine.B.Ten o'clock C.Half past ten.D.Eleven o'clock.

28.A.Mrs Snell couldn't sleep that night.

B.He hoped to get up early the next day.

C.There wasn't m uch noise in the party.

D.His friends could leave early.

29.A.To a hospital.B.To another party.

C.To look for a job.D.To visit Mrs Snell.

30.A.Italian meal.B.McDonald's hamburgers.

C.Chinese food.D.English take-away.


I.单项选择(Multiple-choice test)(共20小题,计20分)


1.If you are careful,you won't cut your hands with that sharp knife.

A.look up B.watch out C.makeup your mind D.put away

2.James dislikes his smoking habit so m ch that he wants to give up forever.

A.for the time being B.right now C.in a hurry D.for good

3.John's mother knew that he wasn't telling the truth from the beginning.

A.all along B.all right C.little by little D.till the end

4.—How do you like her singing?

—It couldn't be better.

A.It is wonderful B.It is not bad C.It is terrible D.It seems nice

5.I don't know why you have no business to do that.

A.无事可做 B.没有主意 C.无权 D.不忙


6.—Can you guess if they______spoken English with us?

—I think they'll do if they______free.

A.practise;are B.will practise;will be

C.will practise;are D.practise;will be

7.—My watch doesn't work.Could you repair it,please?

—Sorry.But the workers in that shop may be ______.

A.kind B.friendly C.nice D.helpful

8.You don't know ______I want to see you again.It's a year since I last saw you.

A.how much B.how long C.how often D.how soon

9.Miss Zhang told the children to follow each other closely.She didn't want them to______in the park.

A.get wrong B.get lost C.get away D.get ready

10.The jacket is ______than the dress or the trousers.

A.expensive B.very expensive

C.more expensive D.the most expensive

11.These pictures ______when we took a trip to Mount Tai.

A.took B.will take C.were taken D.will be taken

12.—W hat did you find under his desk?

—Oh,______all kinds of things:a basket,pencils,a hat and shoes!

A.there were B.it was C.it had D.there was

13.—I'm going to the museum .Bus No.286 goes there,______?

—Yes,but you can take a No.287,too.

A.can't it B.doesn't it C.will it D.is it

14.—How do we get there?

—Well,shall we go by bike?My little brother is going to visit the museum.We can take him there,and then we can go shopping together.

—______.See you tom orrow then!

A.I really can't agree with you B.That's true

C.That's very interesting D.That's a great idea

15.Look at the telephone message.Whose number is 3940527? It's ______.

A.Sam's B.Lucy's C.Sally's D.Sam and Sally's C)下面5道小题可以组成一篇小短文(首句已给出),请根据上下文和所给选项选出各题最佳答案。(答案涂在答题纸上)

The average(普通)British teenager watches a lot of television(19 hours a week).

16.A lot of parents think teenagers aren't studying hard.But in fact 57% get up______7:30 a.m.

A.after B.behind C.among D.before

17.The average British teenagers for“only”8 hours 45 minutes a night.

A.study B.watch TV C.sleep D.surf on the net

18.A lot of girls brush their teeth twice a day or more(78% in fact),______,not many boys brush their teeth that often(only 57%).

A.wherever B.however C.whenever D.so

19.Young people in Britain don't get much ______money(only £2.95a week on average).But many of them have a part-time job.

A.pocket B.box C.wallet D.table

20.There aren't many cinemas ______in Britain today.Only 10% of British teenagers go to the cinema once a month or more.

A.leave B.leaving C.to leave D.left

II.阅读理解(Reading comprehension)(共30小题,计30分)



21.How many cards do you use?______.

A.Two B.Ten C.Fifty-two D.Any number

22.When you are holding your cards,______.

A.you can't see them B.you can hold them face up

C.you choose the nam e of an anim al D.you need any num ber of people

23.______is where the fun begins.

A.Nobody can see the cards B.Putting the cards on the table

C.The first person who makes the noise

D.Taking away the same two cards

24.What noise does the person who is the horse make?“______.”

A.Neigh B.Miaow C.Woof D.M oo


Jupiter's Moons and How They Travel

The many moons of Jupiter travel around the planet in different


Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.Over the years,

scientists have found that Jupiter has its own small solar system. Earth

has one moon.Jupiter has at least sixteen and probably more.

Since there are so many moons,scientists began to number them.The

numerals(numbers)tell the sequence,or order,in which the moons were found.They were slower to name the moons.All of Jupiter's moons now have a name as well as a number.

The first five moons to be discovered are known as the“inner moons”.But they are not the closest to the planet.The closest is only 127,600 kilometers away from Jupiter.All the inner moons circle the planet in counter-clockwise direction,that is,opposite of the hands of a clock.

Jupiter's middle group of moons are at least 11,100,000 kilometers from the planet.

They also move in a counter-clockwise motion(moving).The four farthest moons are at least 20,700,000 kilometers away.These are called“outer moons”.They circle in a clockwise motion.

How many more moons do you think will be discovered?

25.What does“solar system”in this article mean?______

A.银河系 B.宇宙空间 C.流星雨 D.太阳系

26.Things that travel in the same direction as the hands of a clock are said to be traveling in a______.

A.clockwise direction B.counter-clockwise direction

C.same direction D.different direction

27.Jupiter's _____group of moons travel in a clockwise direction.

A.planets B.inner C.middle D.outer

28.The numbers given to Jupiter's moons tell ______.

A.the order in which they were discovered

B.the order in which they travel

C.the order of their distance from Jupiter

D.the order of names

29.According to the passage,which of the following statements is true?

A.None of Jupiter's moons have names.

B.Most of Jupiter's moons circle clockwise.

C.Jupiter's inner moons were discovered first.

D.Jupiter is the nearest planet to the earth.

30.How far away are the middle group of moons from Jupiter?

A.It's not mentioned.B.11,100,000 kilometers away.

C.127,600 kilometers away.D.20,700,000 kilometers away.


Find the names of these places on the map of England.Write them on your answer sheet.

31.It is a large,commercial and industrial city with a population of about three hundred thousand.It

is in the north-east of England,on the River


32.It is a tourist centre on the south coast,

about eighty-five kilometres from London.It is a

medium -sized town with a population of around one

hundred and fifty thousand.______

33.It is an industrial and commercial city in

central England.It is a very large city with a

population of more than one million.______

34.It is a very small village with a population of only

eight hundred and forty-two.It is in the north-west of England,on Lake Grasmere.______


A French girl outside Buckingham Palace said:“I was so excited.I saw the Queen!She came out in a Rolls Royce.I've been interested in your royal family since I was a little girl.I've read all the stories -especially about Charles and Diana -in French newspapers and magazines.They tell me what your royal family really do.Your newspapers can't tell the truth about them!”

An Italian boy,who was in Britain for the first time,talked about the weather.“I can't understand it.I've been here for over a week,and I still haven't seen any fog!”

A Japanese student from Tokyo said:“I've been in Britain since April,and I'm living with a British family.I've noticed one big difference between British and Japanese families. British men do jobs like cooking,washing up and ironing.They're jobs which I've never seen Japanese men do.They think it's women's work.But I don't agree!”