Dear Editor,

I’m the only daughter of my parents. So they worried 1.__________ about everything I do. For example, when I ride my bike, my 2.__________ parents won’t let me to ride by myself. They are afraid I might 3.__________ fall off from my bike and hurt myself. They are taking great trouble 4.__________ to support a bike, with my mother even carrying a first-aid box. 5.__________ I’m not free to ride and I often say angry, “Why not let me ride alone?” 6.__________ Now, most family have one child. Parents want to do everything 7.__________ For their children. This does no good to them. Too many love from 8.__________ Parents may prevent children from independent. In my opinion, 9.__________ Parents should let their children do that they should do alone. 10._________

KEYS: 1. worried---worry 2. V 3. 去掉to 4. 去掉from 5. a---the 6. angry---angrily

7. family---families 8. many---much 9.from后加being 10. that---what


My friend Paul will never forget his chemical teacher. 1.___________ He was a little man with thick glasses, and he had 2 .___________

A trange way of making his classes live and interesting. 3 .___________ And his lessons were not easily forgotten.

Paul remembers one of his first lesson from his teacher. 4.____________ After all the students were in the chemistry lab, the teacher brought 5._____________ Out three bottles. One was full with petrol, one with castor oil and 6._____________ One with vinegar. “Now watch carefully,” said the teacher.

He filled a cup with some the petrol, some of the castor oil 7._____________ And some of the vinegar. As the students watched him, he mixes the 8._____________ Three together. After that, he held up one his fingers and showed to the 9._____________ Class. He then dipped it into the cup and said “ You must do everything

as I do it.” 10.____________

KEYS: 1. chemical---chemistry 2. and ---but 3. live---lively 4.lesson---lessons 5. V

6. full---filled 7. some后加of 8. mixes---mixed 9. showed后加it 10. 去掉it 3.

I was used to complain about my English teacher 1.___________ for her bad English. I was also tired with her teaching methods, 2.___________ it were always slow and boring. However, my attitude towards 3.___________ her began to change after one afternoon. It was raining 4.___________ heavily and I didn’t attend to school. Around 5:30 pm I received 5.___________ a phone call. “ Are you all right?” asked my English teacher in quiet 6.___________ voice. On hearing his words, I was shocked and my mind was 7.___________ flooded with mixing feelings. She was showing her concern 8.___________ for me, though I have not been happy with her! Was she just 9.___________ acting, and should I smooth away my past misunderstanding of her? 10.___________ KEYS: 1.去掉was 2. with---of 3. it---which 4.V 5. 去掉to/attend---go 6. in后加a

7. his---her 8.mixing---mixed 9.have---had 10.and---or


Yesterday my family went to Nanchang because of my grandmother had a birthday.This year he is seventy years old.

In the morning we went there by car and then we went

to the photostudio. There we all put down the clothes like the Tang Dynasty’s and take a family picture. At noon, we entered into a restaurant, and we each ordered the long life noodles and another foods that must be prepared,

Then I began to congratulate my grandmother in her birthday.

I wished my grandmother good health and long life. After our

lunch, we came back. How a wonderful day we had!

KEYS: 1.去掉of 2. he ---she 3. V 4. down—on 5. take—took

6.去掉into 7. another—other 8. in—on 9.and 后加a 10. How—What


Today, my mother comes to my school to visit me, because

the weather turned very cold. She took come clothes for me and gave me some money, and then said, “my son, now the weather is very cold, you must keep your body warmly, eat some good food. Not only your study very important, but also your health is more important. Although our family is poor, but your father and me will work hard to earn enough money to your education. Don’t worry about money. Our great wish is that

you would go to the university!” “ Please don’t worry about your son, I’ll work hard at my study.” I told my mother. Then Mother

went back. I stood in the winds and bursted into tears, looked at her back.

KEYS: 1. comes---came 2.took---brought 3. V 4.warmly---warm 5. only后加is

6.去掉but 7. to---for 8.去掉the 9. bursted---burst 10. looked---looking


A recent survey found that only 4 percent of Chinese

women consider themselves are beautiful.

The research company conducted a survey with behalf of Dove. They questioned 2,100women age 18 to 45 from ten countries and

regions in Asia. The result shows that Chinese women’s judgment of themselves is

greatly affected by fixed standard of beauty as well views from other

people, especially their loved ones. The survey also shows women’s attitude on media and advertisements. 40 percent of women say they feel more confident when seeing

perfect models in magazines

64 percent of Chinese women think how the media and advertising industries tend to establish an unrealistic standard of beauty. Western culture is also influencing Asian women view of beauty. 49 percent of Chinese women think that Western women are

attractive than Asian women.

KEYS: 1.去掉are 2.with---on 3.age---aged 4. as well---as well as 5.on---towards/to

6.more---less 7.how—that 8.V 9.women—women’s 10.are后加more


Many students are on the sports field taking part all 1.______ kinds of sports .A ball game is going on among Class I 2.______

and Class II. Do you see the students over there ? Some 3.______

young men are practicing the highly jump. One of them is 4.______

a best high jumper in our school .He practices very hard 5.______

every day. He wanted to break the school records at the 6.______

sports meeting in next spring .On this corner of the 7.______

field ,you can see other group of students .Their teacher 8.______

is telling them how throw discus. Our students 9.______

love sports .They want to keep fit so as to serve for the people. 10.______

1.part后加in 2.among改between 3.√4.highly 改high 5.a改the

6.wanted改wants 7.去in 8.other改another 9.加to 10.去掉for


I went to see film after supper. On my way to the 1. ______ cinema, I met an old English woman, she had lost her 2._______ way. I gave up the chance to see the film, walking towards 3. _______ her and took her to her hotel. While go there, I told her 4._______ great change had taken place in the past few years and she 5._______ told me something about Britain and her family. 6._______ Though I missed the film, however I felt very happy, 7._______ for I not only helped the old lady out from trouble but also 8._______ practise my spoken English. If I hadn’t worked hard at 9._______ English, I would have been able to help her. 10._______

1.see ∧ a 2.she → who 3.walking → walked 4.go → going

5.change →changes 6.√ 7.去掉however 8.from → of

9.practise → practiced 10.would ∧ not 或 would → wouldn't 或able → unable


Dear Editor,

In order to keep my parents happy, I never went to 1.__________ Internet bars, dancing halls or other crowding 2.____________ place. I like reading books or doing my homework 3.____________ at home while listening to music. But when during 4._____________ every winter holiday, my home becomes a playroom. 5._____________ Many relatives gather here to play the cards. I am 6._____________ very tired of the noise the game makes, so my 7._____________ parents enjoy it. How I hope at a quiet place to 8._____________ read books or learn something that they cannot get 9______________ at school without disturbed!Please help me! 10._____________ Yours,

Li Hua


Dear Editor,


Internet bars, 2.___crowded____ 3.____places_____ 4._____去掉_____

every winter holiday, my home becomes a playroom. 5.______正确____ 6.____去掉_____ 7.____but_____ 8.____for______ 9____I______

at school without ^disturbed!Please help me! 10.____being___


Li Hua


Dear Kang Li,

I haven’t heard you for a long time. How are 1._______________

you? I had just finished the exams. Now I’m 2._______________ glad that I have time to write for you. Our teacher 3.________________ tells us that China is a big country that have the 4._______________ most population in the world. It’s on the other 5.________________ sides of the world. Now the sun is shining bright 6._________________ here, and perhaps you’re sleeping in the dark 7._________________

night. I wish to know anything more about the 8._________________ Chinese way of living. I wonder at if you can 9._________________ tell me about it in your letter. Please write soon. 10._________________ Yours,



Dear Kang Li,

I haven’t heard^ you for a long time. How are 1.______from _________ ’m 2.______have_________ 3._______to_________ 4._______has_______ ’s on the other 5.________largest________ 6._______side__________ ’re sleeping in the dark 7._______but__________ 8.________something_________ Chinese way of living. I wonder at if you can 9._______去掉__________ tell me about it in your letter. Please write soon.. 10.________正确_________ Yours,


11. I have gone to only a few foreign countries. 1.________________

Visiting those countries made me eager do even 2.________________

more traveling. There were so many countries that 3.________________

I would like to visit, but present I would like 4.________________

to see Tahiti(南太平洋一岛)above all. I have seen 5.________________

books and magazine articles about the South

Pacific, and I have even watched some films that 6._________________

were made there. To me Tahiti seems like heaven

on earth. I can imagine myself swimming in the 7._________________

clear seawater as free as fish. I can imagine 8._________________ myself lying relaxing under a palm tree on a 9._________________

beautiful beach watch the falling sun over 10.________________

the horizon(地平线).

答案 1.______been__________ Visiting those countries made me eager^ do even 2._______to________ 3.______are__________ I would like to visit, but ^present I would like 4._______at_________

to see Tahiti(南太平洋一岛 5._______read________ books and magazine articles about the South 6._______seen__________ were made there. To me Tahiti seems like heaven

on earth. I can imagine myself swimming in the 7.________正确_________ 8.________freely_________ 9._________relaxed________ 10.________watching________ the horizon(地平线).

12. One Sunday afternoon a friend of me called on me. 1._____________________ She stays for a long time. She seemed unable to stop talking. 2._____________________ Soon it was time of me to take my dog, Blackie, 3._____________________ for his walk but the visitor still stayed. Blackie 4._____________________ became very worried by his walk in the park. He 5._____________________ walked around the room several times and then sitting 6.____________________ down in front of the visitor and looking at her. But 7._____________________ the visitor paid no more attention. She continued talking. 8._____________________

At last Blackie could stand no longer. He went out of the 9._____________________ room and came back a few minutes later. He

sat down again before the visitor, so this time with 10.____________________ the visitor’s hat in his mouth.

答案 1.______mine_________ 2._____stayed__________ 3._____for______________ for his walk but the visitor still stayed. Blackie 4.______正确__________ 5._____about____________ 6._____sat_______________ 7.___looked_____________

At last Blackie could stand^ no longer. He went out of the

room and came back a few minutes later. He

the visitor’s hat in his mouth.

8.__去掉_____________ 9.____it_________________ 10.___but_________________